Nomads in Iran

Aryan tribes migrated into the Iranian plateau in the 2d millennium BC. There are over 1.5 million nomads in Iran today. Many of these tribes such as the Kurds, Bakhtiyaris (Bactrians), Lurs, Guilaks, and the Baluchs are descendants of the original invaders who came from Central Asia to settle in the Iranian Plateau. Most of […]


Prepaid Sim card in Iran

Same as other touristic countries, in Iran, you can buy a prepaid Sim card for a call to your country and use the internet. In this post, we will try to help you to find the best service with the best price in Iran. Operators The Islamic Republic of Iran has four GSM operators: Hamrah […]


Iran Money and Currency

Whether you’re a backpacker traveling to Iran on a budget, or an all-the-frills luxury traveler, you’re going to need to plan ahead regarding the handling of monetary units. Although Iran is one of the cheapest countries in the Middle East for travelers, unstable exchange rates and an isolated banking system has made a few difficulties […]


Hungry Vegetarian in Iran!

Vegetarian. An English word. when you hear this word, may you think there is some problem with this world and middle east countries. I’ll tell you right. Because everyone hears about famous foods in this area.  Kabab, Kale Pache, Dizi and etc. But now, I should tell you that Iran has a great history in vegetarian […]


Iranian Food and Drink in Iran

In a trip to new countries, food and drink can be so nice or so bad. the important thing is what we choose. In Iran, there are several types of restaurants. Iranian traditional food, fast foods, Arabic foods and international foods. also for a drink, in Iran, you just can find alcohol free drinks. in […]


10 Place You Should Visit in Iran

Iran is a country in the middle east with up to 5000 years writable history. there are several things to do in Iran. but travelers time is limited. so you should choose your destinations before your trip. it’s most important for who visit Iran for the first time. in a normal Iran journey, travelers enter from […]


Gilaks People

The Gilani people or Gilaks are an Iranian people native to the northern Iran province of Gilan. Gilaks, along with the closely related Mazandarani people, comprise part of the Caspian people, who inhabit the southern and southwestern coastal regions of the Caspian Sea. They speak the Gilaki language, which is closely related to Mazandarani. The […]


Iran Geography

Iran Geography Geography has a significant impact on the development of society and culture anywhere in the world, but its effect is particularly dramatic in a country like Iran. so lets some future in Iran Geography. Map of Iran Geography  Iran Geography has severe limits where people can live, makes transportation and communications between different areas of the […]