After more than 2 years of the Corona Virus pandemic and a huge campaign of public vaccination, Iran makes some easy and near to normal entrance rules for tourists and other travelers.

No need for a PCR Test for those who get 2 doses of vaccine

Vaccinated passengers were exempted from submitting a negative corona PCR test certificate upon arrival and to travel to Iran, in accordance with a new instruction issued by the Ministry of Health to tourism and airlines.

The conditions for accepting travelers entering Iran were improved based on a new announcement by the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education with the aim of increasing preventive measures and preventing the spread of the Coronavirus in the country. According to the announcement, which was notified to the tourism and airline companies on March 16, 2014, all passengers over the age of 12 can present a valid certificate of two rounds of corona vaccine (digital vaccination card) 14 days after the last injection, or by submitting a Negative PCR test within 72 hours validity can enter to Iran.

The answer to the PCR test and the vaccination card must be in English and have a QR code.

Admission of passengers with non-Iranian citizenship is possible only by presenting a vaccination card in accordance with the announced conditions. Previously, all travelers were required to provide a negative PCR certificate to enter Iran.

The procedure for accepting travelers with vaccination cards has replaced the Corona PCR test in many countries. However, some countries, including EU member states, still have restrictions on the type of vaccine received by travelers, and despite the recommendations of international bodies, including the World Health Organization and the European Union, few vaccines (Pfizer / Moderna / Astrazenka / Johnson) Have been approved.