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Koorosh Hotel Tehran

Available Rooms


Two Bedroom Apartment 4 Persons

Max Guests:
Max Kids:

Two Bedroom Apartment for 3 Persons

Max Guests:
Max Kids:

Single Room Apartment for 3 Persons

Max Guests:
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Two Bedroom Apartment for 2 Persons

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One Bedroom Apartment for 2 Persons

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3 star
34 Hesari Street , Mirdamad Blvd ,Tehran, Iran.
+98 21 23572357
1 nights

Koorosh Hotel Tehran is a clean and good quality three-star hotel in Tehran City. this hotel located near to Tabiat Bridge Tehran and Valiasr Street Tehran.

Hotel Located in 34 Hesari Street , Mirdamad Blvd ,Tehran, Iran.

Koorosh Hotel Tehran Distance to top Tehran sights

Distance To Airport

1 hours 4 Minutes by Car
Distance To Railway

36 Minutes by Car
Distance To Bus Terminal

31 Minutes by Car

Distance to National Jewelry Treasury Tehran is 25 minutes walk (13.7 km)
Distance to Tabiat Bridge Tehran is 10 minutes by car (2.6 km)
Distance to Golestan Palace Tehran is 32 minutes by car (15 km)
Distance to Darband Tehran is 34 minutes by car (10.2 km)
Distance  to Niavaran Palace Tehran is 24 minutes by car (12.4 km)
Distance to National Garden (Baq-e-Melli) Gateway Tehran is 30 minutes by car (12.9 km)
Distance to Milad Tower Tehran is 22 minutes by car (11.5 km)
Distance to Tehran Grand Bazaar Tehran is 37 minutes by car (16.8 km)
Distance to Sa’d Abad Palace Museum Tehran is 28 minutes by car (12.4 km)
Distance to National Museum of Iran Tehran is 28 minutes by car (15 km)
Distance to Azadi Tower Tehran is 28 minutes by car (15.9 km)
Distance to Valiasr Street Tehran is 15 minutes by car (6.9 km)

Policies of Koorosh Hotel Tehran

Cancellation depend on room type and booking date
All children are welcome. Child under 5 is free of charge and 5 to 12 charge as an extra person.

Amenities of Koorosh Hotel Tehran

  • Breakfast
  • Cafe
  • Elevator
  • Laundry
  • Parking
  • Pool
  • Room Service
  • WiFi

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Things to Do


Sardar-e Bagh-e Melli

In the early 1330 AH, a tall gate was erected at the entrance to the former vicinity known as Maidan-e-Mashk. Thereafter a large portion of these lands came under national garden, therefore called Baq-e-Melli (National Garden). Presently this area is in the midst of Central Post Office of Tehran, Police Headquarter office and the registration


Masoudieh Palace

Masoudieh Palace is related to Qajar era and is located in Baharestan Square in Tehran. It was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on 27th of Dey 1377 with registration number 2190. Masoudieh Palace Garden was built in 1295 Hijri year to the order of Masoud Mirza, the governor of Isfahan known as


Sa’d Abad Palace Museum

The aggregate of Sa’d Abad is comprised of about 14 palaces located in the northernmost region of Tehran and enjoys an extremely pleasant climate. Situated in an area of 400 hectares, this aggregate is surrounded by about 180 hectares of natural forests, springs, gardens, greenhouse, and avenues covered by trees and flowers. Each of these

tabiat bridge a 1 (1)

Tabiat Bridge

Tabiat Bridge is the largest pedestrian overpass built in Tehran. Located in the north of Tehran, it connects two public parks by spanning over Shahid Modarres, one of the major highways of the city. ‘Tabiat’ means ‘Nature’ in the Persian language. The bridge is about 270 meters long and consists of a 3-dimensional truss with two continuous levels that sits on

darband-a-11 (4)


Darband, a nice village just in the north of Tehran with special environment and Kabab. Darband was formerly a village close to Tajrish, Shemiran, and is now a neighborhood inside Tehran’s city limits. the means of Darband in the Persian language is the door of mountains. Darband is where many Iranian giants of art and culture such as Iraj Mirza, Mohammad Taghi Bahar,


National Jewelry Treasury

The incomparable “National Jewelry Treasury”, is a collection of the most expensive jewels of the world, collected over centuries. These jewels and rarities were decorations for the rulers during the past eras, and often showed the glory and extravagance of their courts, as well as their power and wealth. There is no information about the quality


Valiasr Street

Valiasr Street is a tree-lined street in Tehran, Iran, dividing the metropolis into western and eastern parts. It is considered one of Tehran’s main thoroughfares and commercial centers. It is also the longest street in the Middle East and was reported as one of the longest in the world by former BBC (now Al Jazeera) journalist Rageh


Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace, the magic of Qajar era and one of the oldest buildings in Tehran. a UNESCO sight. this is the sixteen UNESCO sight of Iran. the first section of the building was built in Safavid era. but in Qajar era, several building added to it and made a great complex for Qajars Kingdoms. in Pahlavi Era, the palace used for the political guest house. The


Koorosh Hotel Tehran Tehran, Iran

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