Mashhad is the #1 religious tourism city in Iran. This is a holy city for Muslims especially come from Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and some other Arabic countries.

When you come on a trip, one of the most important things for you is where to buy your things. The price and quality are the most important things in any shopping, but on a trip, you need somewhere to don’t waste your time and also you have some fun time with your family and friends. You want to Buy and Enjoy.

Here we compare and list the top 5 Mashhads shopping centers. If you don’t have enough time to read this article, just watch our short video about this article, here or on our Youtube Channel.

So let’s continue our article.

#5. Bazaar Reza

           There isn’t anyone who comes to the Mashhad and doesn’t see the Bazaar Reza. A historical bazaar near to Imam Reza Shrine and a good place to buy Souvenir and Zafron and other spices.

Bazaar Reza (1)

This Bazaar is a bit cheap in price but also cheap in quality, so if the quality is important for you, this is not your place.

You can find anything here. Cloths, Spices, Foods, Perfumes, Accessories and etc. But this Bazaar is a big and rush one. So you should take care of your rest and your pocket. Especially if you are a bit old.

Bazaar Reza (2)

There isn’t any place for rest or children’s playgrounds. So Really be careful about them.


#4. Vesal Shopping Mall

Vesal Shopping Mall is a new mall in Sepad Tourism Area in Mashhad. this area is created for shopping and has a fun time for everyone. So this Mall could be a good choice for the day to shopping.

Vesal Shopping Mall (1)

The Vesal Mall is near to some other shopping and just beside the Almas Amusement park.

The shopping in this mall usually is branded and the price is a bit high. It’s not mean they are expensive, they are special in quality. More quality needs more payment.

Vesal Shopping Mall (3)

Vesal Shopping Mall has several restaurants with several types and classes of foods. so it’s suitable for anyone.


#3. Proma Shopping Mall

Proma Shopping mall is a new build shopping center in Janbazan Sq. Proma is a famous mall for branded clothes and high-quality fake ones. The prices are so good when you compare is with the quality.

Proma Shopping Mall (1)

Proma also is a good place to buy and have a fun time. Restaurants, Playground, Bowling and Billiard is available in this shopping center.

Proma Shopping Mall (2)

So all the people can enjoy it. Proma shopping center is a good choice for every person in a family. You can buy and also have a good time on your trip.


#2. Arman Hotel and Shopping Center

           We talked about the Arman hotel before on our website. but another feature of this hotel is a big shopping center in this hotel area. Arman Shopping Center is good at the Arman Hotel.

Arman Shopping Center (1)

A big area with several stores, Hypermarket, restaurant, Playground, and someplace to visit.

You can find anything with any quality in this shopping center. So it’s cover a wide range of tastes.

Arman Shopping Center (3)

The location of this mall is another feature. Near to the shrine. you can reach it with walking or just a short taxi transfer.

Arman Shopping Center (2)


#1. Almas Shargh Shopping Center

Almas Shargh shopping center is the biggest shopping mall in Mashhad City. Located in Sepad Tourism Area. This place has anything you need for shopping on your trip.

Almas Shargh Shopping Center (1)

Several stores in any type and quality with several things to sell. You can find anything you want in this area.

Almas Shargh Shopping Center (3)

The Shopping Center has several restaurants and food courts. Almas Amusement park is a part of this shopping center. so here you have a good place for a complete day trip with your family or friends.

Almas Shargh Shopping Center (2)