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Mahan Hotel Isfahan

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Between Nour & Hamzeh crossroads , 22 Bahman St., Bozorgmehr Ave., Isfahan.
+98 31 32655515
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About Mahan Hotel Isfahan

Mahan Hotel Isfahan is a nice three-star hotel located in the center of Isfahan. the hotel has several nice facilities for a budget trip.

Mahan Hotel Isfahan located in  Between Nour & Hamzeh crossroads, 22 Bahman St., Bozorgmehr Ave., Isfahan.

The hotel has several nice facilities such as Refrigerator، TV، Restaurant، Internet، enService، Praying room، Lobby، Satellite، Internet In Lobby and etc.

Mahan Hotel Isfahan has No charge for children under 4 years old

Mahan Hotel Isfahan Distance to top Isfahan sights

Distance To Airport

27 Minutes by Car
Distance To Railway

22 Minutes by Car
Distance To Bus Terminal

18 Minutes by Car

Distance to Naqshe Jahan Square Isfahan is 15 minutes by car (3.6 km)
Distance to Chehel Soton Palace Isfahan is 16 minutes by car (4.4 km)
Distance to Bazaar of Isfahan is 18 minutes by car (4.8 km)
Distance to Siosepol Bridge Isfahan is 52 minutes walk (4.1 km) and 12 minutes by car (4.2 km)
Distance to Khaju Bridge Isfahan is 32 minutes walk (2.5 km) and 7 minutes by car (2.4 km)
Distance to Marnan Bridge Isfahan is 1 hours 20 minutes walk (6.2 km) and 22 minutes by car (6.9 km)
Distance to Hasht Behesht Palace Isfahan is 15 minutes by car (4.2 km)
Distance  to Jameh Mosque of  Isfahan is 14 minutes by car (4.5 km)
Distance to Isfahan Aquarium Tunnel is 27 minutes by car (10.4 km)
Distance to Isfahan City Center is 18 minutes by car (13.9 km)
Distance to Menar Jonban Isfahan is 30 minutes by car (24.1 km)
Distance to Fire temple of Isfahan is 34 minutes by car (24.9 km)
Distance to Vank Cathedral Isfahan is 19 minutes by car (6.5 km)

Policies of Mahan Hotel Isfahan

Cancellation depend on room type and booking date
All children are welcome. Child under 3 is free of charge and 3 to 12 charge as an extra person.

Amenities of Mahan Hotel Isfahan

  • Ontbijt
  • cafe
  • Conferentie
  • Mini-bar
  • Parkeren
  • Room service
  • Secure Vault
  • Wifi

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Things to Do


Imam Mosque

Shah Mosque with the alternative names of Jameh Mosque, Soltani Mosque, and Imam Mosque is one of the mosques in Naghsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan which was built in Safavid era and is considered one of the important Iranian-Islamic architectural buildings. This building is an immortal masterpiece in architecture, tiling, and carpentry of the eleventh


Shahrestan Bridge

This bridge is located in the east of Isfahan and is an interesting piece of architecture. The same is a relic of the Sassanid period Top Hotels near to Shahrestan Bridge selecteer Mahan Hotel Isfahan 29$gem / nacht selecteer Zendeh Rood Hotel Isfahan 22$gem / nacht selecteer Malek Hotel


Vank Cathedral

Vank Cathedral is a cathedral located in the New Julfa district of Isfahan, Iran. It is commonly referred to as the Vank, which means “monastery” or “convent” in the Armenian language. The cathedral was established in 1606, dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of Armenian deportees that were resettled by Shah Abbas I during the Ottoman


Khaju Bridge

Khaju Bridge is a bridge in the province of Isfahan, Iran, which has been described as the finest in the province. It was built by the Persian Safavid king, Shah Abbas II around 1650, on the foundations of an older bridge. Serving as both a bridge and a dam (or a weir), it links the


Siosepol Bridge

Si-o-see Pol Bridge is a stone double-deck arch bridge in Isfahan, Iran. It is also called Siose Bridge (which in Persian means “33 Bridge” or “Bridge of 33 Arches”) or Allah-Verdi Khan Bridge. Si-o-see Pol Bridge is built by the chancellor Allahverdi Khan Undiladze on commission from Shah Abbas whose chancellor he was. Construction of the bridge began in 1599


Hasht Behesht Palace

Hasht Behesht, meaning “Eight Heavens” is a Safavid era palace in Isfahan, Iran. It was built in 1669 and is today protected by Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization. Of more than forty mansions which existed in Isfahan during the rule of Safavids, this is the only one left today. In a dry city which is located


Jameh Mosque of Isfahan

In Islamic countries, in every city, there is a congregational mosque. In fact, the most important mosque in each city is called the Jame mosque. Friday sermon or prayer is recommended to Shiites and congregational mosques in towns and cities are used for the Friday sermons. In metropolitan cities, vast areas have been allocated for this purpose. Masjede Jame in


Isfahan Aquarium Tunnel

Isfahan Aquarium Tunnel is the biggest Aquarium Tunnel located in Iran. this attraction located in Navan Natural Park in the east of Isfahan. This can make some new looks to Isfahan historical city. Top Hotels near to Isfahan Aquarium Tunnel selecteer Isfahan Hotel Isfahan 25$gem / nacht selecteer Jolfa Hotel Isfahan 20$gem


Naqshe Jahan Square

Naqshe Jahan Square, One of UNESCO site in Iran. The Naqshe Jahan Square or also known as Imam Square or Shah Square. the square located in the center of Isfahan city. Naqshe Jahan square is from the period of Shah Abbas I and has a length of 500 m. from north to south, and its width is approximately 165 m.


Mahan Hotel Isfahan Isfahan, Ik rende

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