Masoudieh Palace is related to Qajar era and is located in Baharestan Square in Tehran. It was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on 27th of Dey 1377 with registration number 2190.

Masoudieh Palace Garden was built in 1295 Hijri year to the order of Masoud Mirza, the governor of Isfahan known as Zal al-Sultan, son of Nasir al-Din Shah after Agha Mohammad Khan by the supervision of Reza Gholi Khan (known as Seraj al-Molk) on a land with 4000 square meters with a combination of exterior (Court House) and interior sections and other parts. In fact, the name of this mansion was taken after Masoud Mirza and called Masoudieh.

The architect of the palace was master Shaban Architect and its supervisor was Mirza Gholi Khan known as Seraj al-Molk.

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