This mosque is one of the most glorious Islamic buildings in Kashan which is considered the most interesting historical building in Kashan at the moment, considering its great brick dome and tiled minaret. Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashan was built in 1258 Hijri year.

The complex is an example of Iranian-traditional architecture and proportionate with desert climate and one of the most beautiful Islamic buildings.

The mosque was built by attempts of Mohammad Taghi Khanban to respect his brother-in-law, late Mullah Mohammad Mahdi Naraghi (son of Mullah Mahdi Naraghi and brother of Mullah Ahmad Naraghi) known as Agha Bozorg.

This glorious building that was the last great building built at the time of decline of Iranian art and architecture was constructed by Master Shabanali Posht Mashhadi. On the gate of the building, there is an inscription (probably) from Mohammad Shah Qajar in which he gave discounts to people of Kashan for their taxes.

Tiling, molding, inscription, Mogharnas works and painting are some parts of this great building. Calligraphy inscriptions of this mosque were written by prominent masters in calligraphy of Kashan such as Mohammad Ibrahim (Moarefi ancestor), Mohammad Hussein (Adib ancestor) and Baslamehs of Toghra by Seyyed Sadegh Kashani.

The building of the mosque and Agha Bozorg School were registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on eleventh of Azar 1330 solar Hijri year.

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