Golestan Palace, the magic of Qajar era and one of the oldest buildings in Tehran. a UNESCO sight. this is the sixteen UNESCO sight of Iran.

the first section of the building was built in Safavid era. but in Qajar era, several building added to it and made a great complex for Qajars Kingdoms.

in Pahlavi Era, the palace used for the political guest house. The most important ceremonies, held in the palace during the Pahlavi era, where the coronation of Reza Shah on the Marble Throne and the coronation of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in the Museum Hall.

Golestan Palace has several buildings such as:

The Marble Throne (Takht e Marmar)

Karim Khani Nook (Khalvat e Karim Khani)

Pond House (Howz Khaneh)

Picture House/Gallery (Negar Khaneh)

Brilliant Hall (Talar e Brelian)

Museum of Gifts

Containers Hall (Talar e Zoroof)

Ivory Hall (Talar e Adj)

Mirror Hall (Talar e Aineh)

Salam Hall (Talar e Salam)

Edifice of the Sun (Shams ol Emareh)

The Building of Windcatchers (Emarat e Badgir)

Diamond Hall (Talar e Almas)

Abyaz Palace

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