Kolah Ghazi National Park is located in Isfahan, between E5145 to E5215 of east and N3200 to N3230 North latitude. Its area is about 47,142 hectares
Vegetation: Figs, peanuts, pomegranate, jujube, Wake Robin, willow, Khar Shotor, sagebrush, antibacterial, broomrape, Sheng, a variety of grasses, Muscari, tuberose, Celine, different kinds of Gavan, wheat, salt grass, snake grass, rhubarb, sainfoin, Choobak.
Mammals: goats and sheep, rams and ewes, deer, rabbit, tiger, wolf, hyena, cheetah, fox, jackal, porcupine, wild cat.
Birds: Kabk, Thu, grouse, raven, wrens, Warbler, Blackbird, red tip raven, magpie, Sparrow, and eagles.
Reptiles: Adder, Horned serpents drink, lacy snake, leopard snake, lizard, turtle.

Kolah Ghazi Mountain is a part of Mahdasht Mountains. The highest mountaintop is 2534 meters located in the east south of Esfahan, with the shape like traditional Hat of judges in past. Kolah Ghazi Mountain is a banned hunting of protected areas and wildlife refuges, with various wildlife management stations. There are many sources on the slopes of Mountain for use of protected herds of goats and Pazanan. Usually climbing the mountain is from Lashotor neck in 30 kilometers away from Esfahan in the Shahreza-Esfahan road. This mountain has numerous north and south valleys and its appellation is obvious as has mountaintop and from Esfahan, it seems like a traditional hat of judges.

Kolah Ghazi Mountain has high walls with stones and rocks suitable for climbing, therefore, has been considered by climbers and different paths have opened on it. In a valley called Shahin valley at the east south of the mountain, Esfahan mountain Chakad climbing group effort to build the variety of educational pathways which now 18 different pathways have opened.