Shaykh Bahai was one of the greatest Safavid scientists, who was a master in philosophy, logic, commission, and mathematics and his compilations that are remaining are about 88 books and dissertations. He who was buried according to his will beside the tomb of Hazrat Ali Ibn Musa al-Reza (AS) was known in public for his skills in mathematics, architecture, and engineering.

The architecture of Imam Mosque in Isfahan and Hesar Najaf, construction of solar clock in Imam Reza Shrine and most important of all construction of a bath that had occupied the minds of all Iranian and people in the world are engineering and architectural activities that have been attributed to Shaykh Bahai.

This bath is located 100 meters from Nizam al-Mulk Dome (southern part of Atigh Jameh Mosque) in “Dar Dast” Neighborhood. Although it has Safavid bath features, in historical views, it is known as the mysterious bath for the water inside it used o become warm without direct energy. In other words, the thermal system of this bath is one of the engineering masterpieces using physics and chemistry rules.

It is noteworthy that construction of Shaykh Bahai Hammam was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on 29th of Tir 1377 with registration number 2063 and the building was used for 20 years as a bath.

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