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Yazd Travel Guide

About Yazd

Yazd is a city in central Iran and the capital of the Yazd province. It is an ancient city dating back to the Sassanian Period. The historic city of Yazd attests to the ongoing efforts of the hardworking people of desert over the course of its long history. In order to overcome the harsh nature of desert, locals have resorted to ingenious innovations resulting in the introduction of magnificent architectural and urban planning masterpieces to the world. Among them, mention can be made of qanats, badgirs, goudal-baqchehs, sabats, gozars, Abanbars and several other architectural phenomena.

Staying at a traditional hotel is really desirable when traveling to a historical city. But Yazd like other cities of Iran has modern hotels that you can choose any of them based on your interest. We recommend you to stay at traditional hotels of the city because staying at such hotels is not possible in any other cities. Fahadan, Safaiyeh, Vali, Mehr, Adib Al- Mamalek and Koroush are the best traditional hotels in Yazd. If you are not interested in staying at traditional hotels, you can stay at modern hotels of the city like Arg, Jahangardi, Zanbagh, and Karevan. You can also stay at local traditional houses in Yazd. Staying at such houses can be a different experience.

Since Yazd is located in a dry area, it has long cool and relatively damp winter that caused the people of this city to follow a special eating custom. They eat different kinds of Ash in Summer and sweat foods and pastry in winter. In Yazd, each food has its own meaning and used for special purpose. Ash-e Sholi and Khoresh-e Gheimeh are the most famous food of Yazd and you can eat them in Talar-e Yazd restaurant that is also called " Haji Ashpaz". Moshir, Khan Dohad, Adib Al-mamalek, Mahoor, Abul Maali, and Malek Al-Tojar are other great traditional restaurants in Yazd that you can go and enjoy eating delicious foods. If you are interested in Italian food you can go Ceasar Italian restaurant where both Italian and Iranian foods are served. You can also eat the best kind of fast food in Zhuan restaurant. Beverages ( soft Drinks) Don't forget to try Faloodeh with Chia and Maqut in Yazd. You can eat the best kind of them in Shir Hossein ice cream store that is located in Shehneh crossroad. We recommend you to go Alma cafe, Dowlat Abad garden 's coffee shop and Belenci cafe in Yazd. If you want to drink a cup of tea in a traditional environment, tea house of Khan bath can be good choice for you.

Top Things to Do in Yazd

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Yazd Iran

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Arg Hotel Yazd
Yazd Iran

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