Atigh Jameh mosque of Shiraz (ancient central mosque) of Shiraz is the oldest and the first mosque of Shiraz which is also called Jom’eh mosque, Al-Aqsa mosque, Adineh mosque and the central mosque. This mosque is one of the strangest mosques. Its foundation building is believed to be from the pre-Islamic era. This mosque is located to the east of Shah Cheraq’s shrine and there is a path through the court of Shah Cheraq and through the new-built Bazaar.

It is said that this mosque was built in the 20 year era of Umar and Leith Safari’s ruling in 894 A.D. During the recent thousand years, this mosque was renovated and repaired for several times such as Salghuri, in the ruling time of Ibrahim Mirza, son of Shahrokh Gurkani, in the Safavid era and in 1936 by some people and with collaboration of The Archeology Organization. The ancient central mosque is now discussed as a historical and cultivated mosque.

This mosque was registered in January 6th, 1932 in the list of national relics with the registration number of 72.

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