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Zandiyeh Hotel Shiraz

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5 estrella
Near Karimkhan Arg , Hejrat St.
+98 71 32234234
12 p.m.
31 % apagado

About Zandiyeh Hotel Shiraz

Zandiyeh Hotel Shiraz is nice traditional style five-star hotel located in Shiraz. this is a nice choice for a great luxury trip to the historical capital of Iran.

Hotel located in Near Karimkhan Arg, Hejrat St.

Zandiyeh Hotel Shiraz just located beside the Karimkhan Arg. one of the top Shiraz thing to do.

This hotel has several nice facilities such as Refrigerator، TV، Pool، Suit، Restaurant، Internet، Normal western toilet، Iranian Toilet، Parking، Praying room، Lobby، Satellite، Gym، Shop، Cafe، Internet In Lobby and etc.

Please note that the WiFi is not free in the Rooms.

Zandiyeh Hotel Shiraz Distance to top Shiraz sights

Distancia al aeropuerto

26 Minutes by Car

Distancia al ferrocarril

36 minutos en coche

Distancia a la terminal de autobuses

9 Minutes by Car

Distance to Persepolis is 58 minutes by car (55.3 km)
Distance to Pasargadae is 1 hours 39 minutes by car (129 km)
Distance to Eram Garden Shiraz is 9 minutes by car (3.1 km)
Distance to Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque Shiraz is 11 minutes by car (2.2 km)
Distance to Karimkhan Arg Shiraz is 4 minutes by car (950 meters)
Distance to Tomb of Saadi is 16 minutes by car (5.4 km)
Distance to Tomb of Hafez is 9 minutes by car (2.2 km)
Distance to Jahan Nama Garden Shiraz is 10 minutes by car (2.9 km)
Distance to Shah Cheragh Shrine is 13 minutes by car (2.7 km)
Distance to Vakil Mosque is 6 minutes by car (1.4 km)
Distance to Vakil Bazaar is 5 minutes by car (1.2 km)
Distance to Quran Gate is 10 minutes by car (2.6 km)
Distance to Qavam House is 12 minutes by car (3.4 km)

Políticas de Zandiyeh Hotel Shiraz

12 p.m.
La cancelación depende del tipo de habitación y la fecha de reserva.
All children are welcome. Child under 3 is free of charge and 3 to 12 charge as an extra person.

Servicios de Zandiyeh Hotel Shiraz

  • Cajero automático
  • Bañera
  • Desayuno
  • Café
  • Conferencia
  • Ascensor
  • Gimnasio
  • Accesible para discapacitados
  • Lavandería
  • Mini bar
  • Estacionamiento
  • Piscina
  • Servicio de habitaciones
  • Bóveda segura
  • Centro comercial
  • Campo deportivo
  • Wifi

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Cosas para hacer


Arg of Karim Khan

Arg of Karim Khan is also known by the prison of Karim Khan, it was established in 1969 by the order of Karim Khan, the founder of Zandieh dynasty in Shiraz. This building which is one of the most outstanding architectural relics of Zandieh era attracts many tourists every year. Arg of Karim Khan is


Vakil Mosque

On the western side of Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz and at the end of swordmakers order, a very beautiful mosque is established which is known as Soltani Mosque or Vakil Mosque. This is one of the elegant and very resistant buildings of Zand period which is highly significant in terms of art and architecture. The



Located 7 km. from the remains of Persepolis (Takht-e-Jamshid), the ruins of the city of Estakhr known as Takht-e-Tavoos exists. It includes a stony gate, columns and walls dating back to the Achaemenian period. Many archaeological objects have been found at this site, which belong to the Sassanian, Parthian and Islamic eras. Top Hotels near


Vakil Bath

It is located near the Vakil Mosque. Due to change in the conditions of public baths, it has lost its original shape. The Vakil Bath is a monument of the Zand period. Top Hotels near to Vakil Bath Seleccione Niayesh Hotel Shiraz 40$promedio / noche Seleccione Lotfalikhan Hotel Shiraz 19$promedio /


Jahan Nama Garden

This garden dates back to the Zand period and is located near the main entrance to the city of Shiraz (Darvazeh Qoran). Within the garden, there is an old building worth visiting. Top Hotels near to Jahan Nama Garden Seleccione Park Saadi Hotel Shiraz 39$promedio / noche Seleccione Persepolis Hotel Shiraz 38$ MÁS

Tomb of Saadi (4)

Tomb of Saadi

The Tomb of Saadi is a tomb and mausoleum dedicated to the Persian poet Saadi in the Iranian city of Shiraz. Saadi was buried at the end of his life at a Khanqah at the current location. In the 13th century, a tomb built for Saadi by Shams al-Din Juvayni, the vizier of Abaqa Khan. In the 17th century, this

Vakil Bazaar

Vakil Bazaar

Vakil Bazaar is the main bazaar of Shiraz, Iran, located in the historical center of the city. It is thought that the market originally was established by the Buwayhids in the 11th century AD, and was completed mainly by the Atabeks of Fars, and was renamed after Karim Khan Zand only in the 18th century. The

Qur’an Gate (3)

Qur’an Gate

Qur’an Gate is a historic gate in the north of Shiraz, Iran. It is located at the northeastern entrance of the city, on the way to Marvdasht and Isfahan, between Baba Kouhi and Chehel Maqam Mountains near Allah-O-Akbar Gorge. The Gate was first built during the reign of ‘Adud ad-Dawla. By the time of the Zand

Tomb of Hafez (1)

Tomb of Hafez

The Tomb of Hafez and its associated memorial hall, the Hāfezieh, are two memorial structures erected on the northern edge of Shiraz, Iran, in memory of the celebrated Persian poet Hafez. The open pavilion structures are situated in the Musalla Gardens on the north bank of a seasonal river and house the marble tomb of

Shah Cheragh (4)

Shah Cheragh

Shah Cheragh is a funerary monument and mosque in Shiraz, Iran, housing the tomb of the brothers Ahmad and Muhammad, sons of Mūsā al-Kādhim and brothers of ‘Alī ar-Ridhā. The two took refuge in the city during the Abbasid persecution of Shia Muslims. The site is the most important place of pilgrimage within the city of Shiraz.

Nasir ol Molk Mosque

Nasir ol Molk Mosque

The Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, also known as the Pink Mosque, is a traditional mosque in Shiraz, Iran. It is located in the district of Gowad-e-Arabān, near Shāh Chérāgh Mosque. The mosque includes extensive colored glass in its facade and displays other traditional elements such as the Panj Kāse (“five concaved”) design. It is named in popular culture as the Pink Mosque, due to the usage

Eram Garden Shiraz (2)

Eram Garden Shiraz

Eram Garden is a historic Persian garden in Shiraz, Iran.The garden and the building within it are located on the northern shore of the Khoshk River in the Fars province. Both the building and the garden were built during the middle of the thirteenth century by the Ilkhanate or a paramount chief of the Qashqai tribes of Pars. The original


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