Iran is a special Muslim country with special rules for dress. This rule is for men and women. So all the tourists should be ready for that. But the question is What to wear?

At first, I should say that the rules of the clothes are for the child over 9 or even 10 years old.

What is Acceptable?

At first, we explain what you have to wear. What areas of your body should be covered? We start it with men. It’s a bit easier!

Men should wear pants. the legs should be covered. The t-shirts and all types of shirts are acceptable. But the sleeve should be under your shoulder. Below I show some examples of normal clothes of men in Iran.

For an official ceremony or a government office work, it’s better to wear a Tuxedo. it’s not a rule, but it shows your prestige. The Tie and Bow Tie are acceptable in ceremonies. But it’s better to don’t use it in a governmental event or office.


So I think now you know that can’t use a short in the streets. But you can wear shorts in the deserts or if you are doing a sport like cycling.


Now we get a more complicated matter. What women wear? As there isn’t any direct rule for explaining it and there is a wide type of clothes for women, I will separate this part in 4 sections. Warm Seasons, Cold Seasons, Public Events, and Privet Events.

Now lets answer.

What can the women wear in Iran’s warm seasons?

There is a general rule that says body, hands, feet, neck, and hair should be worn. But there isn’t too much Hardening. Especially for tourists.

You can use any color you want. you can wear any type of Mantu, Shirt, Pants, Jeans or leggings. There isn’t any limitation in shoos type. It’s better to see some photos.

As you can see in photos, you can open in front of your Mantu, you can wear a jean with Rupture or a bit is short. Your clothes can be thin. But not so much that your body is found.

What about the cold season?

In the cold season, you can wear any type of Coat and Raincoat. Same as previous, the body should be covered. For legs, you can wear jeans, Leggings any other type of cloth that covered your legs. you also can set them with boots and shoes in any size you need.

The headscarf can be a simple or even Woolen fabric for more warming. Same as other times, I invite you to see some photo for example:

As you can see you can use the jacket also and there isn’t any limitation in using this one.

So let’s talk about public or governmental events and show.

In a public event or any type of event that can be shown to Iran governmental offices, you should care more about cover your body. It’s better to don’t use thin cloths and also you should cover more parts of the hair. the dark color like black, brown, or blue is more acceptable.

you also can use a lite make up on your face.

Take a look at the examples:


But in the privet events or parties, you don’t have any limitation. this isn’t a rule, this is the Persian people culture. So you can use any dress you want.

What about accessories?

All women and men can wear any type of accessories. there isn’t too much limitation in this case. Just the government banned some symbols like Isreal Star, Symbols of Satanism, and any symbol that insults Islam and the Iranian people.

Bellow, I show you some of these limitations: