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Iran Visa For US, UK and Canada Citizens

Visa Process for US, UK and Candian Passport Holders


Cause several Political reasons, there is some difference in the process of getting Iran Tourist Visa for United State, United Kingdom, and Canada Citizens.

The passengers with the first nationality from this countries should have a passport with 1-year validation.
Iran visa application to us, uk and canada citizens

The passengers from this countries should start their visa process 3 months before their trip.

All Hotels, Tours, and Guides should be booked for this citizens before the visa process

You can obtain your Iran’s Tourist Visa code in 5 steps:

1- Booking Your Tours, Hotels and Guide with us or any provider you need.

Attention: You need a guide registered in Iranian Foreign Minister Guide List. Read More

2- Fill our online visa application and attach you Complete Job CV

3- Pay our 120$ visa service fee in an online process with you PayPal or Credit Cards

4- Wait for 1 to 2 month for Iran Visa Authorized Code. We will be in touch at this time.

5- Three days after receiving the code, going to Iranian Embassy that you chose for the visa. The selectable embassies list is HERE.

6- Get your Iran Tourist Visa in your passport and enjoy your trip

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Click here for a full article about Iran’s Visa


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Why we need your job CV?

Iranian government through their political reasons have some ban in some type of jobs.

In this rules, the visa process will reject for some type of journalists, Employees in sensitive government jobs, Peoples have some direct contact with Isreal and some others.

Because this rule, we have to send your English Job CV to Iranian Foreign Minister

Why Three Month?

The Visa process for citizens of this countries is not online for us. We should print all of your information and send it to Iran Foreign Ministry by post.

Your process also needs a hard check in ministry. every thing will check several times and with several persons. So this process will take too much time than normal visa process.

Validation, Insurance, and Fees

The maximum duration for a tourist visa validation is 30 days. If you need some more days, you should go to Iran Tourist Polis to extend this time.

With your Visa, you will charge a payment for trip insurance in Iran Embasseis. this payment is change by trip duration and passengers age. Please read about the Iran Visa Insurance Fee HERE

In Iranian Airports, you will charge an Entrance Tax. The price for this tax starts from 80$.

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