The Maranjab Desert is located in Aran va bidgol, Iran and around 60Km north-east of Kashan.

Maranjab Aran Bidgol in the northern city of Aran Bidgol located in Isfahan province. This desert from north to Salt Lake Aran Bidgol, the West Desert Lakes issue and salt pond and dock Sultan Moreh, from East to desert sand dam and Desert National Park and the southern city of Aran and Bidgol is limited.

The average height of about 850 meters Maranjab sea level and the highest point of the island is about 880 meters above sea level, and needs to be security, relative moderation, variety of tourist attractions, the diversity of animal species and vegetation in desert areas a good place for tourism and investment in this area has provided and draw many tourists to the area. [1] Much of the desert is covered with dunes and fabulous. Maranjab is very rich in terms of vegetation. The main vegetation consists of salt-friendly plants including tamarisk trees and bushes arch and is Qych.

Maranjab one of the most beautiful desert areas of Iran. Long sandy hills and forests of the area worst beautiful arch. Salt Lake Aran Island Bidgol wandering around the area are spectacular. Needs to be wandering in the ocean desert island, except for one or two months of the year due to the rainfall in the region is visible, the rest of the year will be converted to salt marsh. Dastkan historical wells in the East Desert, Caravans of camels had been drinking. Maranjab castle, caravanserai on the Silk Route is in the desert and the caravan for a trip to Khorasan, Isfahan, Rey and vice versa passed this way. The sand desert area subparagraph (stiff competition in the local dialect) desert area north of the city of Isfahan Badrod continue sabulous large sand dam, the tallest sand dunes East is about 70 meters.

In addition to the dunes which is the main attraction Kvyrnd, there Karshahy castle and wander the island Maranjab, about the construction of the castle and the inn next to the salt lake, is quoted by Shah Abbas Caravanserai and despite creating numerous castles throughout the country, in the region defense facility was not built, because until then enemies for salt Lake and desert expanse, from this side of the capital were not attacked. Attacking Uzbeks and Afghans through Salt Lake went to Kashan to Isfahan, Shah Abbas decided to save some lunar immediately threw up in 1012 a military base in the region and prevent the threat. The top inn is in the form of observation bunkers and armed guards in the castle mentioned in 500 attended always safe passage of goods from China to Europe and vice versa were in the region.
The inn aqueduct that brought a big pond, fresh water, and salt in the salt desert is a unique phenomenon. Maranjab inn in the heart of Desert Inn Maranjab in position Jghrafyayy’7V ° 34 ° 51 longitude latitude and ’48 and, at an altitude of 810 meters above sea level is located at the southern edge of Lake Qom. districts Maranjab Aran Bidgol desert city in the center of the city is located 50 km North east.