Tehran Grand Bazaar is a historical market situated in the capital of Iran, Tehran. Throughout its history, in addition to shops, the Grand Bazaar has contained banks and financiers, mosques and guest houses.a

Tehran Grand Bazaar is so old. out of mind old. this bazaar. in the centuries following the introduction of Islam, travelers reported the growth of commerce in the area now occupied by the current bazaar. The Grand Bazaar is a continuation of this legacy.

The Grand Bazaar is still an important place of commerce for Tehranis, Iranians, traveling merchants and – increasingly – tourists. However, much of the trade and finance in the city has moved to the north of the city, leaving the bazaar somewhat decreased in importance. Still, in addition to the traditional goods on sale, the market for watches and local jewelry is apparently growing, most likely for the benefits of tourists. As is in keeping with the market spirit, tourists are encouraged to haggle. The bazaar is busiest around midday, and between 17:00 and 19:00.

As of October 2005, plans are in place to construct a hotel in the southern section of the bazaar for the benefit of tourists, in a bid to make the bazaar more hospitable and to regain some of its importance.

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