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Train and bus are the most usable transfer services between Iran cities. All of the major touristic cities have a train station and also all of the cities have Bus terminals. So this type of trip is better and cheaper than flights. You choose your time of the trip and also you can rest in the trip duration. Of course, you can enjoy the road trip.

There are several types of trains in Economy, Business or even Luxury Class. You can find a normal type of buses or for a nice and comfort long trip you can book a VIP Bus with comfort seats can change to a small bed.

But this is the good part of this type of trip. the bad part is the booking a train or bus ticket. There isn’t any online option that accepts the international credit cards or bank accounts. You just can book your ticket in the station and this may you loose your time, transfer, or may you get a bad seat and dream change to a nightmare.

But same as other things, Persian Touring have a solution here.

We can book your train or bus tickets online. the complete process is online and so simple.

This is the steps you need to book a train or bus tickets with Persian Touring:

  1. Fill our below train and bus booking form.
  2. wait for our teammate to contact you with available options list and prices
  3. Confirm the option and receive the online payable invoice which you can pay with your Credit Cards, PayPal or Bank Account.
  4. Receive your tickets with complete information and details.

Please attention some notes.

  1. The responsibility for the validity of your tourist visa is up to you
  2. The seat number was written on your ticket. so please don’t change this number
  3. Your payment includes Ticket price, Tax and Money transfer fee. So please don’t pay any more payment to nobody.

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