Ferdows Garden is one of the precious and historical houses of Shemiranat district of Tehran, and it is located in one of the old neighborhoods of this district with the same name. It is left from Qajar dynasty until today, and it was being used as Cinema Museum since 2002.

The garden area is 20 thousands square meters and the building is established in three floors and one underground floor with a 1000 meter foundation. The floor tilt of this building is from north west to south east, and the severity of this tilt is so much that the first floor is in the same level of the southern part of the garden and its ceiling is in the same level of the northern part of the garden. Ferdows Garden building is full of beautiful moldings, round and thick pillars patterned all around with artistic moldings.

This relic was registered in August 2th, 1997 as one of Iran’s national relics with the registration number of 1876.

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