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Marina 2 Hotel Qeshm

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3 star
Qeshm Island
Fars St., Valiasr Blvd., Qeshm, Iran
+9876 35244596

Marina 2 Hotel Qeshm is a clean and good quality three-star hotel in Qeshm City. this hotel located near to Qeshm Jame’ Mosque and Qeshm Traditional Bazaar.

Hotel Located in Fars St., Valiasr Blvd., Qeshm, Iran.

Marina 2 Hotel Qeshm Distance to top Qeshm sights

Distance To Airport

50 Minutes by Car


Distance To Bus Terminal

54 Minutes by Car

Distance to Qeshm Geo Park  is 35 minutes by car (33.1 km)
Distance to Stars Valley Qeshm is 38 minutes by car (30.1 km)
Distance to Qeshm Traditional Bazaar is 8 minutes by car (2.4 km)
Distance to Hengam Island Qeshm is 57 minutes by car (60.3 km) and 15 minutes ship
Distance to Kharbas Caves Qeshm is 27 minutes by car (21.2 km)
Distance  to Qeshm Jame’ Mosque is 6 minutes by car (2.3 km)
Distance to Laft Village Qeshm is 52 minutes by car (59 km)

Policies of Marina 2 Hotel Qeshm

Cancellation depend on room type and booking date
All children are welcome. Child under 3 is free of charge and 3 to 12 charge as an extra person.

Amenities of Marina 2 Hotel Qeshm

  • Breakfast
  • Cafe
  • Elevator
  • Laundry
  • Mini Bar
  • Room Service
  • WiFi

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Things to Do


Qeshm Geo Park

Along Qeshm Island, there are mountains whose height is rarely ever more than three hundred meters. The length of these mountains from east to west of the island almost equals the length of Qeshm Island which is about one hundred and ten kilometers. Qeshm Mountains have a totally special condition and shape. They are made


Stars Valley

Stars Valley on Qeshm with a historical background of about two million years have been created as a result of soil, stone and sand erosion caused by the wind, rain, and shower. The valley is a rare natural masterpiece on the beautiful island of Qeshm. The northern side of Qeshm Island is close to Berke-ye


Kharbas Caves

Kharbas Cave is one of the tourist attractions of Qeshm and the sights of Hormozgan Province in the south of Iran. The cave is fifteen kilometers from Qeshm on the right hand of Qeshm Road to Kharbas Village and Ramcheh Village. Signs of rock architecture can be seen on the heights of Kharbas Village that


Qeshm Traditional Bazaar

This is one of the most interesting bazaars in the south of Iran and is according to the traditional style. A part of this bazaar is covered. Top Hotels near to Qeshm Traditional Bazaar select Alvand 1 Hotel Qeshm 54$avg/night select Rayhaan Hotel Qeshm 50$avg/night select Kimia IV Hotel Qeshm 34$avg/night select Shams Hotel Qeshm


Qeshm Jame’ Mosque

The said mosque was constructed in the year 1202 AH. and is a memorial of ‘Sooqiyeh’ the spouse of the ruler of the times in Qeshm. The mosque has a rectangular shaped nocturnal area, with 16 columns in two rows. Top Hotels near to Qeshm Jame’ Mosque select Shams Hotel Qeshm 20$avg/night select Kimia IV


Qeshm Island

This island lies to the north of Hormoz Strait, its length being 115 km. and its width ranging from 10-35 km. The city of Qeshm is its center, the same being in the northeast of this island with an area of 3 sq. km. and at an elevation of 10 m. above sea-level. The island


Kharbas Village

The ancient village of Kharbas is on Qeshm Island and located on the fork road of Qeshm -Dargahan. Nestling in the heights of this village are historical evidences revealing architectural effects in the rocks. Some believe this to be the place of worship of the Mitraism cult or the Anahita Temple (deity of water). Top


Marina 2 Hotel Qeshm Qeshm Island, Iran

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