The insurance is a most important thing for a clear trip to a country. Getting a travel insurance in Iran is a bit hard process for none Iranian nationality.

This process is not available from most of your countries for some political reasons. but every time for every problem there is a solution.

You can buy a travel insurance in your entrance airport or border. here I have some tips and information for you.

As the travel insurance in Iran is a rule, you should buy it before apply for visa checking in Iran airport. because you need your insurance confirmation for visa on arrival or visa checking process.

For the start of arranging an insurance in the airport, you just need your passport and some cash.

The insurance price is depending on your age and trip duration. Here I make a table for insurance fee Per Day.

Duration/Ageunder 1212 to 6565 to 7070 to 80over 80
1 to 7 days2.5 €5 €7.5 €10 €20 €
8 to 15 days5 €10 €15 €20 €40 €
16 to 31 days6 €12 €18 €24 €48 €
32 to 45 days1.5 €21 €31.5 €42 €84 €
46 to 62 days12.5 €25 €37.5 €50 €100 €
62 to 92 days15 €30 €45 €60 €120 €

This prices may change by your entrance date. But in 90% you should pay the same price.

As you have to buy this insurance before your visa checking, If your visa rejected for any reason, the Insurance provider should pay you back the payment and just take 1 € of your payment as the cancellation fee.