In the west of Naghsh-e Jahan Square and across from Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque, there is a mansion which is one of the most important architectural masterpieces of early 11th century AH with an excellent worldwide reputation.

Considering the investigations, it is deduced that Ali Qapu Palace is the central gate and entrance of all palaces which were constructed in Naghsh-e Jahan Square in Safavid period. This palace, which is an exclusive example of Safavid palaces architecture, was built in early 11th century AH (between 1225 and 1231 AD) at the instigation of Shah Abbas the First in Isfahan after the transfer of capital from Qazvin to Isfahan. It used to host great men.

It is Ali Qapu’s miniatures by Reza Abbasi, well-known artist of Safavid time, which has caused the palace to be placed among Safavid magnificent monuments; moreover, skillful stucco of the last floor of the palace whose hall is known as “Music Room” or “Sound Room” has enhanced the beauty of Ali Qapu Palace. The stucco not only regulates the sound but also stops its reflection.

This monument was registered in Iran’s National Heritage in 1931 under the registration number of 104.

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