Jameh Mosque of Kashan is the most ancient historical building f the city and is established an even more ancient monument which according to some experts dates back to the pre-Islamic period. The mosque building is related to the early Islamic period and is older than other historical monuments in Kashan. This mosque has a high porch, vast scene and house pool in the center and three great bedchambers.

The building also has a beautiful brick minaret with brick inscription in Kufic language that shows the date 466 Hijri year and it represents the significance and reliability of the mosque in Seljuk era. During recent exfoliations of altar moldings of Seljuk era, relics and decorations of Buyids era were discovered.

Beautiful tile works can be seen in the summer bedchamber of the building which is located under the winter bedchamber and signs of ovens for making porcelains have been discovered by experts in the Cultural Heritage Organization at the bottom of the bedchamber. According to some narrations, this mosque was built to the order of Safiyeh Khatoun, daughter of Malik Ashtar.

This monument was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on 30th of Khordad 1315 with registration number 252.

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