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Ardakan Tour

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Ardakan, Iran

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Ardakan is the second major city of Yazd Province. It was established in the 12th century in the Zardug region. Ardakan is 60 kilometers away from Yazd, and it has dry weather.

The word Ardakan in Persian means “holy place” or “clean place” (Modern Persian: arda+kan / Middle Persian: arta+gan) and the city has a lot of historical religious attractions such as the Grand Mosque of Ardakan (Masjed-e Jame’), Zire-deh Mosque, Emam-Zadeh Mir Seyyed Mohammad and Tekyeh bazaar.

This region is one of the Zoroastrian centers of Iran, and there are numerous holy sites for Zoroastrians in Sharif-Abad, a village near Ardakan. Each summer thousands of Zoroastrians from around the world gather there for pilgrimage.

The most important shrine is Pir-e Sabz Chek Chek. Other shrines include Pir Shah Eshtad Izad, Pir Shah Tashtar Izad, Pir Shah Mehr Izad and Pir Shah Morad.

Ardakan City Tour needs a one day trip without accommodation.

The start of this city tour will begin with an early morning trip to Chak Chak Shrine. One of the most important sites for Iranian Zoroastrians.

After this area, we will transfer to Pir Harisht Fire Temple. Another Zoroastrian site in our trip.

For continue our trip, we will visit Kharanagh Historical Village. A nice area in the heart of Iranian Deserts. In this village, we will visit Kharanagh Castle. A castle with several secrets to hearing.

After this long car trip, we will come back to the city for a nice lunch in Toranj Restaurant. A traditional restaurant in Ardakan City

For the afternoon we will visit 2 museums. The Ardakan Museum and Ardakan Carpet Museum.

We have some free time to visit the historical street and shopping in Ardakan for the late afternoon and Evening.

Cancellation Policy:

– Cancellation more than 6 days in advance is fully refunded.

– Cancellation within 5 days in advance, is 50% refundable

– Cancellation less than 24 hours in advance is non-refundable.

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