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Royal Persia Tour

Let’s visit the Persian Empires in history. Feel the royalty of Iran. Royal Persia showcases all the most popular attractions of the cities of Shiraz and Isfahan.

Trip Itinerary:

Day 1 – Tehran


In the Day 1, after checking into the hotel and some time for rest, We will visit the Golestan Palace and Niyavaran Palace in Tehran. For lunch, we suggest eating a historical Iranian food (Kebab) in one of the oldest restaurant in Tehran, Nayeb Vozara Restaurant. Also, we have some time to visit the National Jewelry Museum to feel the royalty and greatness of historical Iranian empires. For the Dinner, we will go to Baghe Saba Cafe and Restaurant to enjoy the historical type of Iranian food courts. Night in Tehran

Day 2 – Tehran, Shiraz


At the start of the 2nd day, we will transfer to Mehrabad International Airport to take a morning flight from Tehran to Shiraz. After a short flight and leave a bags in the hotels, we will go to visit Karim Khan Arg Castle located in the heart of Iranian historical capital. For the rest of morning, we will visit the Nasirol Molk Mosque. After a Lunch in Soffi Restaurant, we will take a look at Hafez and Saadi’s Tomb. The unrepeatable Iranian Poet. Take a very nice dinner at Haft Khan Restaurant. Night in Shiraz

Day 3 – Shiraz


In the day 3, we start a day trip to Shiraz. Start it Vakil Bath and Garden. A nice historical place with several amazing stories to listen. We will eat the lunch at Vakil bath restaurant. After lunch, we will take a look at masterpieces of Iranian Architecture. The Eram Garden. For the rest of day, we will enjoy the Vakil Bazaar. We have some free time for shopping on Last night of Shiraz. For dinner, we will enjoy the Chamran Hotel Shiraz with a nice view of this city. Night in Shiraz

Day 4 – Shiraz, Persepolis, Pasargadae, Isfahan


Day 4 will start with a road trip. We have a full day trip to a 2500 years old history of Iranian royalty. After breakfast, we will check out the hotel and start a road trip to Persepolis. The first Iranian UNESCO Heritage and the city of Great Achemendians Kingdom. The Persepolis site takes a half day tour. We will eat the lunch in Takhte Jamshid Restaurant located near to Persepolis. In continue of our road trip to Isfahan, we will take look at to Naqshe Rajab and Naqshe Rostam. After This two sites, we will visit the Cyrus The Great tomb in Pasargadae. At the night we will arrive at our hotel in Isfahan and take rest for the whole of the night. Night in Isfahan

Day 5 – Isfahan


This the first date that we wake up in Isfahan. The city of Safavid Kingdoms. We have a special city tour on this day. We just leave our car transfer in parking and after visit Chehel Soton Palace, going to Naqsje Jahan Square by walking beside the Isfahan Arts University. The amazing UNESCO Heritage with several things to do. We start visiting this square with Aliqapu. An amazing building with a special view to all around the Naqshe Jahan Square. For lunch, we will eat a nice Iranian historical food call Dizi in Naqshe Jahan Restaurant. After lunch, we have 2 mosques to visit. Shah Mosque and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. For the rest of afternoon, we have free time to rest in Square and shopping in historical Bazaar. For Dinner, we will eat food in the historical Shahrzad Restaurant. For the night we will enjoy Isfahan historical bridges. Night in Isfahan

Day 6 – Isfahan


In the day 6, we will visit some other sites in Isfahan. Vank Cathedral and Jolfa Square is the first site. We will visit Marian Historical Bridge before lunch. After a nice lunch in Abbasi Hotel Traditional Foodcourt, we will visit Hasht Behesht Palace and for the last site, we will visit the Jame Mosque of Isfahan. Another UNESCO Heritage. For the night we will enjoy the Soffe Mountain and Zagros Restaurant located on top of this mountain with a great view to Isfahan. Night in Isfahan


Day 7 – Isfahan, IKA Airport


In this day we will transfer back to the airport. If we have enough time, we will take a look at Kashan.

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