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Shiraz Travel Guide

About Shiraz

Shiraz is the capital city of Fars province and a treasure trove of Persian culture. It is also the former capital of Iran, during the Zand dynasty's era (1747-79), and also the celebrated birthplace of the great Persian poets Hafiz and Saadi. It is also been said to be the origin of one of the best wines in the world called Syrah. The city has a population of about 1,300,000.

Shiraz which is known as a city of lovers is a land full of worth seeing things. It is believed that Shiraz is the most beautiful tourist city of Iran. Shiraz is also one of the biggest cities of Iran. It is the provincial center of Fars province and located in Zagros mountainous region with mild climate. Geographically, from the west, the city is surrounded by Derak mountain and from the north,it is limited by Bamu, Sabzpushan, Chehelmagham and Baba Koohi mountains.

There is a tourist information on the main boulevard a bit west of the palace. They speak English and can give helpful tips and have English maps. For non-Iranian visitors, taxis are probably the most convenient mean of transport. There is not a lot of room for haggling as prices are more or less fixed. Ask locals who take taxis about what the price should be and agree with the driver before you get into the car. If an unmarked car stops while you are hailing a taxi, don't be alarmed. Many taxis in Shiraz are unmarked and also as a means to supplement their income, is not uncommon to find private car owners touting themselves as taxis. However, it is always good to find a taxi through a reputable "telephone taxi" agency. For a set fee, drivers of these agencies will take passengers to their destination, drive them around town and also wait for them while they shop or run errands. All hotels and local residents will have a phone number of one these agencies. There are also taxis driven by women that specifically cater to women passengers. The city also has a reasonable bus service. Shiraz metro is operating with a single line between Zandiye station to Ehsan station. Single ticket costs 5000 rials and a train every 15 minutes. Line 1 will be extended to reach the airport in the future

Top Things to Do in Shiraz

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