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Activities in Kashan



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Things to Do


Khatun Sarai of Ghamsar (Khatun house)

Khatun house, the private villa of Enger. Rezai is located in Jashnvareh Square of Qamsar of Kashan.

This building was constructed by Master Seyed Akbar Helli and with the capable hands of Kashani artists with a strong construction of metal and concrete (with mixing the traditional and modern architecture).

This relic does not have a historical age, and it is one of the few relics that is considered as a precious phenomenon in Iranian architecture for its composite and unique architecture. This building is a museum and exhibition of original Iranian architects and it is the result of the efforts and experience of expert architecture masters.

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Sohrab Sepehri Tomb

Sohrab Sepehri was an Iranian poet, author and painter. He was one of the most important temporary poets of Iran and his poems have been translated into many languages such as English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Sohrab Sepehri was born on 15th of Mehr 1307. He lived in Kashan as a child in his great grand parents’ garden in Darvazeh Ata Neighborhood. Sohrab Sepehri used to paint and compose poetry. His family was accustomed to culture, art and literature and the effect that Sohrab Sepehri woulg receive from such an environment would help form his beliefs and personality in his life. The mature behavior of Sohrab with his family members, friends, acquaintances, artists and those connected to him was a sign of his spiritual and philantropical maturity.
Sohrab Sepehri compiled all his eight books and his épopée in “Eight Books” in 1355.

Eight Books is a whole manifestation of the spiritual journey of the poet seeking truth. It is also one of the most influential collections in the history of Iran’s modern poetry.

Sohrab Sepehri passed away on the first day of Ordibehesht 1359 at 6 o’clock in the afternoon in Pars Hospital in Tehran for suffering from leukemia.

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Jameh Mosque

Jameh Mosque of Kashan is the most ancient historical building f the city and is established an even more ancient monument which according to some experts dates back to the pre-Islamic period. The mosque building is related to the early Islamic period and is older than other historical monuments in Kashan. This mosque has a high porch, vast scene and house pool in the center and three great bedchambers.

The building also has a beautiful brick minaret with brick inscription in Kufic language that shows the date 466 Hijri year and it represents the significance and reliability of the mosque in Seljuk era. During recent exfoliations of altar moldings of Seljuk era, relics and decorations of Buyids era were discovered.

Beautiful tile works can be seen in the summer bedchamber of the building which is located under the winter bedchamber and signs of ovens for making porcelains have been discovered by experts in the Cultural Heritage Organization at the bottom of the bedchamber. According to some narrations, this mosque was built to the order of Safiyeh Khatoun, daughter of Malik Ashtar.

This monument was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on 30th of Khordad 1315 with registration number 252.

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Historical Bazaar of Kashan

One of the most important historical and visitable monuments in Kashan is the historical bazaar of Kashan that has included more than 40 historical buildings in itselfand its south entrance is Kamal al-Molk Square and its north entrance is the beginning of Darvazeh Dowlat Square.

The historical bazaar in Kashan includes orders (the main path of bazaar), categories (different classes), corridors, Khan house (a merchant house that had the general role of sales), Khanbar or Kalanbar (a place for collecting and storing goods and manipulating them), Timcheh (the center of several houses or merchant houses), Kaisarieh (a place with a separate door to do art and delicate works like goldsmiths and needle works) and stores.

There are orders such as coppersmiths, goldsmiths, shoemakers, mercers and small markets of Mianchal, Malek, banks, dyers, mosques, boqehs, inns, timchehs, baths and numerous cisterns in this bazaar, each of which has joined the main body of the bazaar in different periods.

Customs and New Inns, Naraqi Houses, Khan Bath, Zarkesh Serra, Qomi Serra, Kaisarieh, Cistern Serra, square Serra, Haj Mohammad Sadeq Timcheh, the beautiful and famous Timcheh of Amino l-Dowleh, Mianchal Mosque and School, Tabrizi Mosque, Malek Serra, Seyyed Agha Timcheh, Shoemakers and Pilgrim Mosque and Chain Door Cistern form a part of the historical bazaar of Kashan.

The main historical background of Kashan Bazaar is for Buyids and then Seljuks. However, its prosperous period was in Safavid era, especially Shah Abbas Safacvi time.

The monument is registered on 8th of Shahrivar 1255 as one of Iran’s national monuments with registration number 1284.

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Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse whose appellation is due to its closeness to Suktan Amir Ahmad Shrine dates back to Seljuk era based on the discovered evidences. The current building is remaining from Qajar era, though.

In fact, some of the remaining monuments before the famous earthquake of Kashan in 1192 Hijri year, the bathhouse dates back to the Seljuk era and the current building is remaining from Qajar era.

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse is located in Sultan Amir Ahmad Aalley on Alavi Street in Kashan and it was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on 3rd of Esfand 1351 with registration number 1351.

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Historic House of the Abbasid

The complex is located in the alley of Sultan Amir and was built in 1252 Hijri year by late Haj Mohammad Ibrahim, one of the famous merchants in Kashan that was very rich in architecture and decorations and using available spaces and volumes. It is also unique in terms of traditional architecture.

According to the studies and according to the architecture experts, the Historic Home of the Abbasid is one of the most prominent Islamic architecture works and one of the nominees of the best Islamic Iranian residential building.

The monument is registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments with registration number 2020.

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Agha Bozorg Mosque

This mosque is one of the most glorious Islamic buildings in Kashan which is considered the most interesting historical building in Kashan at the moment, considering its great brick dome and tiled minaret. Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashan was built in 1258 Hijri year.

The complex is an example of Iranian-traditional architecture and proportionate with desert climate and one of the most beautiful Islamic buildings.

The mosque was built by attempts of Mohammad Taghi Khanban to respect his brother-in-law, late Mullah Mohammad Mahdi Naraghi (son of Mullah Mahdi Naraghi and brother of Mullah Ahmad Naraghi) known as Agha Bozorg.

This glorious building that was the last great building built at the time of decline of Iranian art and architecture was constructed by Master Shabanali Posht Mashhadi. On the gate of the building, there is an inscription (probably) from Mohammad Shah Qajar in which he gave discounts to people of Kashan for their taxes.

Tiling, molding, inscription, Mogharnas works and painting are some parts of this great building. Calligraphy inscriptions of this mosque were written by prominent masters in calligraphy of Kashan such as Mohammad Ibrahim (Moarefi ancestor), Mohammad Hussein (Adib ancestor) and Baslamehs of Toghra by Seyyed Sadegh Kashani.

The building of the mosque and Agha Bozorg School were registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on eleventh of Azar 1330 solar Hijri year.

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Maranjab Desert (Band-e Rig)

Maranjab Desert is in the geographical location N5148 to N5152 and E5140 to E5157 in Isfahan. Maranjab Desert is located in the northern part of Aran and Bidgol in Kashan County in Isfahan Province. Maranjab has been in fact the name of an inn and aqueduct that was established at the time of Shah Abbas Safavid and it later on extended to Maranjab Desert.

The average height of Maranjab Desery from sea level is about 850 meters. The main part of this desert is covered with sand hills Sabulous. Maranjab Desert is very rich in vegetation. The main vegetation of the area includes Halophytes such as Tamarisks, Haloxlylons and Zygophyllum Atriploides. Animal coverage of this area is very rich due to abundant amounts of water and nutrients.

Some of the animals include wolves, jackals, hyenas, Rüppell’s foxes (sand foxes), sand cats, monitor lizards, chameleons, different kinds of lizards, snakes, scorpions, see-see partridges, eagles, hawks, etc. A pair of leopards was also seen over the last year in this area.

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Tabatabaei House

Tabatabaei House is the architecture masterpiece of Kashan. It is one of the most beautiful and elegant historical monuments of Kashan, which is located in Sultan Amir Ahmad Neighborhood.

This house was built by Seyed Jafar Tabatabei, one of the well-known merchants of that time, in 1250 AH. It was designed by Ali Maryam Kashani, the famous architect of 19th century in Iran.

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