[:en]Spring is one of the best time for travel in all around the world. Best holidays, best weather and best activities.

But you should know, this is a special time for travel to Iran.

In this post, I will suggest you some of the best destination in Iran’s spring.

  1. Shiraz

Iran's Best Destination in Spring

Shiraz is the city of culture and history of Iran. the city of great kingdoms. But when you take a look at google map about Shiraz, you can see this city in heart of Iran central deserts.

So this city is warm on summer and cold in winter. But don’t worry, here is Iran, the land of dreams.

If you visit Shiraz on spring, you will visit a part of heaven. In spring the nature and weather of Shiraz is so nice and great.

Iran's Best Destination in Spring

The garden of city will covered by flowers and birds. You can see the spring in whole of city.



     2. Kashan

Iran's Best Destination in Spring

Kashan is the land of a great historical life style and a nice farming. The middle of spring, is the season of rose water.

Kashan has the best rose water in the world and the historical type of making rose water in this city has up to half a million visitor from all around the world.

Iran's Best Destination in Spring

in the spring, you can smell flowers in the Kashan weather. every where is full of flowers.


      3. North of Iran

Iran's Best Destination in Spring

If you need a weather same as European countries and also want to see a unique nature and culture, you should try north of Iran,

just beside the Caspian sea and  between this great sea and forest, you can find the heaven of the earth.

Iran's Best Destination in Spring

nice weather, nice beach, nice sea and nice culture. you will visit some of the best peoples and you will eat some the best traditionals food in this area.